An easy-to-navigate image editing and graphics tool for designing collages, logos, greeting cards and more

An easy-to-navigate image editing and graphics tool for designing collages, logos, greeting cards and more

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PaintTool SAI is a robust graphic design tool that also allows you to make vectors. This comes with many of the tools and features you expect an artistic program to have and it will help you make drawings and illustrations. You can pair this with a drawing tablet and use a digital pen to create your art.

Digital Compatibility

Many artists, especially young ones, love using digital pens because it feels similar to drawing on paper. Some artists have a hard time transitioning from pen to mouse. Programs like PaintTool SAI don't force you to use a mouse. If you have a drawing tablet or similar device, then you can use a digital pen to create your art with ease.

Not only can you use a pen to draw lines and make selections, but this also understands pen sensitivity. For example, if you want a line to be thicker and darker, then simply push harder with the pen. You can also make thin and light lines by gingerly touching the pen to the tablet.

You can use a pen with every tool here. From the shape tools to the paintbrush and fill tools. You'll have no problem controlling every action with a digital pen if you wish.

Color Choice

A good drawing program must have a great color selection. Color is what brings a drawing to life and you should have the ability to choose any color you want. While there are still some programs that limit your color selection, most modern art programs give you free reign to choose and blend colors. Not only can you pick any color you want, but you can make adjustments to improve the color.

For example, you can change the saturation, luminescence and much more. There are also effects that will blend the color throughout your picture. There are also different brushes that will use the color differently depending on the brush's design.

Numerous Tools

PaintTool SAI has many tools for you to choose from. This allows you to bring your artwork to life and it's much easier than having to draw everything manually. The first tool you should know of is the layer tool. Layers are like invisible sheets that go on top of your original drawing. Many artists use layers to make it easier to color certain areas or to experiment with certain tools. Unlike working with the original drawing, changing or even erasing a layer is easy and fast. Fixing a mistake on the original drawing can take significantly longer.

There are dozens of brushes to choose from. You can also make your own brushes or upload brushes that other people have made. There are tools for softening edges along with selection tools. A selection tool allows you to isolate a specific area so you can only draw or color in that section. If you make a mistake, then it's easy to fix with the eraser tool. You can add texture to an area or layer with the texture tool. There are several different textures to choose from.

While there are many tools, there are a few common tools missing here. Perhaps the strangest missing tool is the text tool. Most modern art programs allows you to type in messages, but PaintTool SAI doesn't allow this. You can export the image and add this with another program. There's also no gradient tool. This tool allows you to blend two colors together. It's not an essential tool, but many artists enjoy it.

Easy Interface

Some art programs have crowded interfaces or icons that make no sense. You'll find that PaintTool SAI has a simple interface that is easy to navigate. You'll have no problem finding the right tool and understanding all your options. While this does have fewer tools that larger art programs, this works well for newcomers who want a program that is straightforward and easy.

Whether you're new to digital art or just looking for something simple, you'll love this interface. It makes sense and doesn't require much time to learn.

Exporting Files

Exporting a file refers to changing it to a different file format. This is good because it allows you to use the file in similar programs that might have other tools that you need. You can export this as many standard image types of JPG and PNG for printing. You can also export as PSD and BMP files. These are good for working with other art programs.

Exporting is simple. Just select the export tool, choose your preferred file type and the program will make the file for you. It only takes a few seconds and is very useful.


  • Comes with many tools that new digital artists will love
  • Works with digital pens and understands pen sensitivity
  • Simple interface that makes it easy to find the right tool


  • No gradient or text tools
  • Doesn't work very well for photo editing

Paint on the screen to create a variety of documents and files.

This is a fun program that can be used to add details to pictures that you upload. You can also add details to images that you find online, transforming them into creations that are attractive and customized. The program is easy for most people to use. If you haven't had any experience using a program that includes filters and editing tools, it's easy to pick up on because of the layout of the menu and the hints and tips that are given. Popular tools that you might frequently use are displayed on the screen, and the images that are associated with the tools are easy to identify. You can customize the menus that are on the screen based on the tools and features that you will use the most.

There are numerous tools to use for editing images. Add filters to change the background and the colors that are seen in the images. You can change the brightness and contrast of your images as well. The richness of the colors in the pictures can also be adjusted so that some colors are more vibrant than others while some shades have deeper pigments that make them appear as though they have a 3D quality. There are paintbrushes of different sizes to choose from so that you can add details to your images. Watercolors, colored pencils, markers, and pens can be used to draw designs. There are also stickers that you can use and words and phrases that can be added to your images. The ideas for customizing your pictures are almost limitless as you begin to work with the tools that are available. Multiple formats are supported, and you can easily share or save the images that you design.


  • Dozens of design tools
  • Use with multiple formats
  • Rich quality


  • Hunt for some tools
  • Can't use with mobile platforms